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To be added to the roster,please email with at least your name, location, and spotter ID. You may also create an account for this wiki and add your information directly.

Callsign Spotter ID Location Name
AC8FZ 133-378 Kent Dave
N8IIQ 115-25A Streetsboro Dave
WA8GCF 127-40 Atwater Dave
WB8YYS 133-286 Stow Gregg
KD8OFV xxxx Kent Brandy
KD8JRJ 133-119 Garrettsville Phil
KA9EXZ xxxx Shalersville Lee
K8WJH 133-072 Ravenna Twp. Ed
N8ATV 133-134 Freedom Twp. Jerry
WB9LBI 133-214 Streetsboro Bill
KD8ERV 133-177 Streetsboro Jeff
KC8UIS 131-151 Kent Dave
N8WHT M118-32A Ravenna John
KC8SYD 133-077 Atwater Ted
KC8RRG xxxx Ravenna Stephanie
KC8ZKD 133-298 Garrettsville Walt
KD8JRI 133-275 Garrettsville Curtis
W8JJW 133-074 Brimfield John
WD8MPV 133-82 Shalersville Twp. Larry
KJ3O 104-30 Shalersville Twp. JoAnne
KD8LEB 133-382 Streetsboro Al
KB8TUY 133-011 Ravenna Twp. Mike
KD8NIY 155-471 Windham Larry
KC8FQV 035-138 Aurora Mark
WB8FEW xxxx Ravenna Bobby
KC8UNO xxxx Ravenna Dave
WD8DAU xxxx Atwater Dan
KC8EAA xxxx Atwater Scott
KC8KYW xxxx Stow John
KC8RFT 133-320 Brimfield Denny
KC8LJY 133-247 Kent Michael

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