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A Spotter is a volunteer trained by the National Weather Service to report hazardous weather conditions. NWS radar provides a good view of the weather, but it cannot show the ground-level effects of a storm. Spotters provide this Ground-Truth to NWS reports.

After attending an NWS Spotter Training session, participants are issued a Spotter ID card which will include a spotter ID number to be used when reporting weather to the National Weather Service, the Skywarn Weather Net or to local authorities. Attending a session once every two years will enable you to maintain certification and have the latest spotter information available from the National Weather Service. Currently we have a total of 27 trained spotters throughout the county keeping an eye on the skies.

If you wish to participate in a Skywarn drill or an actual Skywarn weather net please be sure your spotter ID number is on file with Portage County Skywarn.

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