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Portage County Skywarn
Online Chat
IRC Channel
Remember to right-click and open Webchat in a new tab or window

Online Chat

Anyone with Channel Operator experience, please contact AC8FZ

  • The channel is open to the public for general communication
    • While the FCC does not regulate channel communication, users are expected to follow a code of conduct consistent with Amateur radio rules and regulations. Channel Operators will enforce this rule at their sole discretion.
    • During Skywarn training and actual events, Channel Operators ("ChanOps" or "Ops") will enforce the topic - those posting off-topic traffic will be reminded, warned, kicked, or banned from the channel at the discretion of the Op.

While users may be "joined" 24/7, they may be "idling" or "lurking" and not actively monitoring the channel. When you connect and nobody immediately acknowledges you, please wait around for a few minutes. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a user join, typing up a message, and seeing that user part before the message can be sent. Webchat users are reminded to open the channel link in a new window so that they may continue browsing while remaining joined to the channel.

Please note: While IRC itself is fairly robust and reliable, it is not infallible. Furthermore, internet access is frequently disrupted during severe weather events. Do not rely on this channel for your primary source of weather information.

Also note: While automated "bots" in the channel should be programmed to follow the appropriate code of conduct, they are designed to pass traffic from certain unregulated, third-party sources. As such, objectionable traffic MAY occasionally be found in the channel. Users have two options: 1. Develop a thick skin, deal with it, and move on; 2. use their client's "ignore" feature to block bots.

  • Pia is a multi-purpose bot. She is somewhat friendly, but can be rather fickle at times.

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