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Portage County Skywarn

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Weather Underground: Ravenna Feed

Current Conditions : 33.7F, Clear - 3:33 PM EST Dec. 9
Temperature: 33.7°F | Humidity: 52% | Pressure: 30.23in ( Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 2mph [?]
This Afternoon as of Dec. 9 12:34 PM EST
This Afternoon - Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 30s. Northeast winds around 5 mph. [?]
Tonight as of Dec. 9 12:34 PM EST
Tonight - Mostly clear in the evening, then becoming mostly cloudy. Cold with lows around 19. Northwest winds around 5 mph. [?]
Monday as of Dec. 9 12:34 PM EST
Monday - Cloudy. Highs in the lower 30s. West winds around 5 mph. [?]

April edition of AWARE is now available


The April edition of AWARE from the National Weather Service is available at

Lightning Map added


I've added a new site courtesy of KA8OAD that will display lightning strikes in realtime from just about anywhere in the world...The link is on the sidebar...Check it out..It's pretty interesting....

Skywarn reporting now available on D-Star


Starting this year, in addition to taking Skywarn storm spotter reports on 145.390 and the IRC/Intercom, Portage County Skywarn [KD8NHF] will also monitor Reflector 039C which is the Ohiowide weather reflector during an activation for those that have either D-Star equipped radios or the DV Dongle....


Realtime Weather Radar available


For those that didn't already know, realtime weather radar is available by using the Current Events link on the left hand sidebar...Both Cleveland and Wilmington sites are active as well as the Central Great Lakes Sector and GOES Water Vapor imagery...Give them a few seconds to fully load in as they update continuously.

Just so you know

We always try to provide the most complete, accurate and up to date weather information available to keep you as safe and informed as possible...However....Never use information provided on this or any other web site for the protection of life or property. When severe storms are occurring in, or threaten your location, tune to your local NOAA NWS weather station or a local radio or TV broadcaster in your area for immediate weather information.

The goals of Amateur Radio Skywarn

1) To have an active network of spotters in place to report severe weather.

2) To activate this network as needed.

3) To coordinate reports from the spotters in a professional manner.

4) To relay these reports to the NWS in a timely manner.

An effective SKYWARN net usually follows some form of guide or outline. This is especially helpful in making it through the rougher times that occasionally occur. Usually it is in these tough times that your communications to the NWS have the utmost value.

Remember, SKYWARN is NOT a club. By putting aside any differences that do not support the goals of SKYWARN, you'll find your SKYWARN net to be at its most effective level.

A great amount of the work is done by the amateur radio community in fulfilling the goals of SKYWARN. The NWS appreciates your assistance.

We rely on you in assisting in goals number 2, 3 and 4.

  • Tnx to the Pittsburgh NWS

As always keep checking back on the site from time to time since like the weather, we are in a constant state of change!

73, Gregg, WB8YYS Portage County Skywarn Coordinator

Portage County Skywarn

Portage County Skywarn consists of a network of trained spotters from Portage County and operators that use their skills and equipment to provide information on severe weather to the National Weather Service.

The Skywarn spotter network in Portage County has been operating as Portage County Skywarn since 1986 and was issued the callsign KD8NHF in April 2010. Portage County Skywarn operates on the PARC repeater, 145.390-. We would like to thank the Portage ARC in advance for the use of the repeater during severe weather.

Net Control takes reports from participants and passes along information received from other sources. Pertinent information is then relayed on to the National Weather Service via a 2 meter link [146.94] or through the F2 system [52.68] and to the local Emergency Management Agency as necessary. In addition to information passed along to specific agencies,the net is also monitored by several local police and fire departments.

The information passed along may include but is not limited to reports of high wind, heavy rain, large hail, tornadoes and other weather related phenomena.

Annual training courses are offered each Spring by the National Weather Service....

Anyone wishing additional information can contact:

We welcome your comments, suggestions, news stories, pictures, and whatever you have so long as it is related to weather and to the Skywarn mission. Everyone - spotters, community members, emergency responders, weather enthusiasts, English majors and computer geeks - are encouraged to edit and contribute to articles in this wiki!