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You will need to be registered and Logged In to edit.

The Basics

Jump right in, and start editing! Wikis work best with plenty of community interaction. If you're here, you have something to contribute - seasoned veterans offer their wisdom and experience, sure. New recruits can tell us how well we are presenting that information, how well our audience understands what we're trying to say.

How can you help? Browse the wiki. If you see something that doesn't look right, Fix it! Or, comment in the Talk page (The "discussion" tab at the top of almost every page), pointing out some of the problems with that page.

Can't find anything to edit? Open a Random Page. Check out Special:Wanted for pages that have been linked to but don't yet exist. Try Special:LonelyPages for Orphaned pages - pages that no other page links to. There's also Special:DeadendPages - pages that have no links to other pages.

You can always create a new article. Search for it first, of course, but if it doesn't exist, there is a link on the search page to create that article! Everyone can create their own User Page (Click your username at the top of the page)

Yes, we would like you to be careful about what you're doing, but even if you completely mess up an article, anyone can restore any previous version. You can't break anything, you can only make it better!


  • Anything you type WILL be edited mercilessly and without regard to your rank, position, status, intelligence, race, creed, color, or hairstyle.
    • Don't take it personally.
    • Leave your title at the door. The site admins don't care if you're the head of NOAA or a 12-year-old kid. Your contributions will be judged - by the Skywarn community - on their own merits, and not on your authority.
    • Read that last part again. Yes, it applies to you. Yes, you.
  • Any content you add should be significantly relevant to the Skywarn mission.
    • It's a permissive policy - If in doubt, go ahead and post it. If there is a problem, we'll remove it.
    • Individual User pages and User Talk pages are exempted from the relevancy requirement.
    • "Talk" pages are partially exempted - the conversations on these pages should be relevant to their article, regardless if the talk page is relevant to the mission.
      • If it can't be said on the air, you can't say it on any User Talk page.
        • That includes commercial content, and other forms of obscenity. Classified-ad-like content is permitted within reason.
  • Every page should be treated as a work-in-progress.
    • Don't post "Under Construction" or similar verbiage in a page.
    • If you're making a lot of edits, save the page fairly frequently. You MAY state in the "Reason for editing" that you are presently working on the page.


You should "Watch" every page you create, and any page that interests you. To do so, click the "Watch" tab at the top of any article. The page will be added to your Watchlist, and you can set various preferences on if, when, and how you will be notified when that article changes.

Reversion Wars

  • Except for blatant spam, you should NOT revert another person's edits back to your own
    • If you do need to revert someone's edits back to your own, you should comment on the Talk page for that article. Otherwise, you may start a reversion war, and the site admins will knock both of your heads together.
      • Feel free to add on another person's edits - this is how Wikis are built.
      • Do NOT use the article page for general communication - any article-specific questions, comments, or concerns should be done in the article's Talk page, or worded in such a manner as to be relevant to anyone reading the page, not a specific person or group. General communication can be conducted on User Talk pages.

Discussion/Talk Pages

  • Article pages are for communicating ideas specific to that article
    • User Talk pages may be used to carry on a general conversation
    • Do not clear any talk page but your own User Talk page.
    • "Sign" entries in the talk pages by typing 4 tildes (~~~~) - When you save the page, the tildes will be converted to a date/time/user stamp like this:

AC8FZ 23:49, 13 April 2010 (UTC)


  • Most text will display normally.
  • To skip one line, you must press enter twice

will render as:

    Hi! Bye!



will render as:

  • Avoid excessive use of bold or underlined text
  • Caps-lock is for NWS reports, not Skywarn390.com. Caps-lock is NOT cruise control for cool.
  • Avoid text-based formatting, like strings of hyphens for a horizontal line.
  • One exclamation point is plenty.


  • To link to another page in the wiki, put double square brackets around an article name
    Please visit the [[Main Page]]

will render as:

    Please visit the Main Page
  • You can force a word to link to another page using a "pipe"
    Yes, [[Spotter|Spotting]] is fun!

will render as:

    Yes, Spotting is fun!
  • To link to an external site, put single quotes around the WHOLE URL (Including the "http://" part) and add the link text at the end
    [http://www.google.com Google] is a great site

will render as:

    Google is a great site
  • Use links very liberally. It's practically impossible to use too many. Once per paragraph is a good goal.


There are two main types of lists available, Bulleted and Numbered. To create a numbered list, start each line with #.

    # This is Item 1
     # This is Item 2

will render as:

    1. This is Item 1
    2. This is Item 2

Bulleted lists work the same way, simply use * instead of #.

A sub-item can be created by using multiple * or #

     * Main Item
     ** Sub Item 1
     *** Sub-Sub Item
     **** Sub-Sub-Sub-Item
     ** Sub Item 2

renders as:

  • Main Item
    • Sub Item 1
      • Sub-Sub Item
        • Sub-Sub-Sub-Item
    • Sub Item 2

The same, but numbered instead of bulleted:

  1. Main Item
    1. Sub Item 1
      1. Sub-Sub Item
        1. Sub-Sub-Sub-Item
    2. Sub Item 2


Please see the wikipedia article on tables.

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