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This isn't quite how I want to do this... right now, I'm pulling the spotter ids out of a KML file for a Google Map; I want to step away from that, use a spotter list page to populate the map. The intention is to set it up so that adding a spotter is a one-stop affair - add them to Spotter list and they will show up on the map as well. AC8FZ 05:06, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

I think we need a separate list in the event an NCS other than me might be running the net some night and need spotter numbers for reporting to the NWS User:KD8NHF
Understood, let me clarify: Right now, there is a duplication of effort issue - to add a spotter, an administrator needs to add them to the spotter list (manually - that's another issue, though) AND they have to be added to the map. While this particular example is fairly trivial, it's not a habit I want us to get in to, and it does make future data manipulation more difficult.

"Transclusion" is the process of having Page B display data from Page A. Whatever changes you make to Page A will show up on Page B, automatically. Page B can be used to take the data from Page A, perform some function on it, and display it. If Page A is a spotter list (With an additional "location" column) then page B should be able to take that data and build a map from it. So, the list still exists on Page A, and any changes to Page A will automatically update Page B.

I haven't figured out how to properly transclude map data. AC8FZ 14:41, 22 April 2010 (UTC)